The purpose of secondary sources in history, like Terry Anderson’s Bush’s Wars, are to analyze and interpret particular events of the past. Interpretation, as defined by the Merriam Webster Dictionary, is “the act or result of explaining or interpreting something: the way something is explained or understood.” Therefore, objective secondary accounts of historical events are […]

Photo: Amy Yeboah Last week I volunteered at Bodine High School for International Affairs for their International Day event, sponsored by the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia. I was there to meet some of the members of the World Affairs Council organization because I am interested in interning there in the fall, and walked away […]

Photo: Michele Morin @OneLMorin                     Detroit fell from eminence because Henry Ford engineered a system of work in which production was high, but the need for knowledge was low. Detroit moved away from having lively and dynamic small enterprises to concentrating a large number of people in a factory to have them act […]

  To put together his Time cover story, “The Me Me Me Generation,” Joel Stein used the overabundance of personal information present on the internet to exploit the millennial generation, and to perpetuate the age old adage that life was better back in the good old days (see the Satyricon for a very early example). […]

Alright, so let’s have real talk for a moment… I took a hiatus from the news cycle for the past two months, since the re-election of our president. Immediately after election night, the focus of the twenty-four hour media cycle panned to the fiscal cliff the nation had been approaching.  I couldn’t keep up with […]

The looming fiscal cliff is the largest news story following this week’s spirited Election Day. Just minutes following the re-election of President Obama, pundits and citizens across the nation pondered whether the President and Republican house would be able to strike a deal on averting the impending fiscal cliff, which, if met, would result in […]

The Republican Party is quickly becoming composed of prophets who know what the Lord wants and intends. The newest controversy to hit the media is the statement by Indiana GOP U.S. Senate candidate Richard Mourdock that follows: “even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape that it is something that God intended to […]

At tonight’s debate, President Obama must show the nation that he has the resolve, patience, and the steady hand it takes to be the leader of the free world. He must present and define Governor Romney as rash and overaggressive to a war-weary nation. The likely top three issues Romney will press on tonight will […]

Paul Ryan’s recent interview with a local news channel in Michigan has stirred up controversy, but for all the wrong reasons. Ryan was asked what he believed could reduce violent crime, and following his answer, the reporter, Terry Camp, said “And you can do that all by cutting taxes? With a big tax cut?” Ryan […]

Image: So Chris Hayes has my dream job. He’s an editor at large to a very popular weekly publication, The Nation. Frequent guest and host of Rachel Maddow’s night time show. He now has his own two hour morning weekend show on MSNBC and has just published his first book Twilight of the Elites. […]


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