Photo: Amy Yeboah Last week I volunteered at Bodine High School for International Affairs for their International Day event, sponsored by the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia. I was there to meet some of the members of the World Affairs Council organization because I am interested in interning there in the fall, and walked away […]

Photo: Michele Morin @OneLMorin This morning, workers at Seattle fast food restaurants joined 6 other cities in protest of poor compensation for labor. Employees of fast food restaurants are expected to work sporadic hours, with most having no hope of ever securing a full-time position with the company, on minimum wage. The fast food industry […]

Paul Ryan’s recent interview with a local news channel in Michigan has stirred up controversy, but for all the wrong reasons. Ryan was asked what he believed could reduce violent crime, and following his answer, the reporter, Terry Camp, said “And you can do that all by cutting taxes? With a big tax cut?” Ryan […]

Image: So Chris Hayes has my dream job. He’s an editor at large to a very popular weekly publication, The Nation. Frequent guest and host of Rachel Maddow’s night time show. He now has his own two hour morning weekend show on MSNBC and has just published his first book Twilight of the Elites. […]

This morning I read a story about Massachusetts senator Scott Brown’s irritation that welfare recipients were offered the opportunity to vote. He’s frustrated that “taxpayer dollars” were used “as part of a special effort to boost one political party over another.” Linked in the Salon story I read was another story titled “Scott Brown ‘Outraged’ […]


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